Welcome To Dance Starz AZ

At Dance Starz AZ, we are all about “Enriching” peoples lives!

We help you achieve all of your dancing goals while learning your favorites from the Classic Ballroom Dances to the Hot and Spicy Latin Dances.

We challenge you  to be the best you can be while having the time of your life.

We hand pick our Instructors to give you the most current and professional dance instruction out there. We believe in a family studio with an abundance of care and love while achieving your dancing dreams.

“The hardest step in dancing is picking up the phone and walking through the door”


Introductory offer for new clients:

2 private lessons for $29


1 week of groups for $10

Gift Cards Available!

We invite you to come in and join the Fun!

5555 N 7th Street, Suite 112 (7th Street and Missouri)
Phoenix, AZ 85014

We offer:
• Private lessons
• Group lessons
• Practice lessons
• Membership lessons
• Getting Married? We will customize a program to fit your needs

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