“Knowledgeable and dedicated staff and the owner (Billy) is fun and extremely patient with my lack of dance skills.”
— Cliff Hue

Happy Clients


Dance Starz is a great place to learn how to dance. We started lessons here about one year ago, and have been really pleased with the whole experience. When we started we both knew absolutely nothing about dance. Now we can dance several dances including the fox trot, waltz, tango, west coast swing, rumba, and cha cha. We have even performed in two show cases (something I thought we would never do!). Everyone who works in the studio is extremely friendly, and welcoming. The dance instructors (we recommend Joe and Ivy) are committed to ensuring you have a good time while also helping you to become comfortable as a dancer and improve your technique. We have also enjoyed the group dance classes as well. For folks interested in trying Dance Starz out, they often run special deals for new students where you can get two private lessons for a small investment.

— ellen z.

Best place ever to learn ballroom dance.    Never danced in my life until I found this place.   Knowledgeable and dedicated staff and the owner (Billy) is fun and extremely patient with my lack of dance skills.   If you want to have fun....Learn to dance....and make some great new friends, this is the place for you......And did I say it's really REALLY fun?!!!!

— Linda c.

I have a confession to make - I am not a dancer and I need a few alcoholic beverages to let loose and get on the dance floor to dance like no one is watching because quite frankly, I have little rhythm. 

I was getting married in six weeks and was beyond nervous. We walked in and the vibe was welcoming and friendly. Our instructor and he was so easygoing and patient. He even had us videotape each other so we can practice after our lessons. He was really great to work with and we were having so much fun - surprisingly! 

I was only expecting to take a few classes, but after the second class, I wanted to learn more! They had great specials so we decided to take a total of 10 classes and had two choreograph dances. Drew worked with our schedules to make sure we were able to take all ten before the wedding.

Thank you Dance Starz for making me look like I knew what I was doing on that dance floor!!

— Leslie M.

Testimonial quote. Sed ac urna lacus. We were looking for a fun, supportive, and decently priced studio near our home to start our wedding dance lessons. My fiancé and I both do not have any formal dance experience and we were greeted by Billy the owner. He was enthusiastic and patient and taught us some basic swing steps and a bit of the foxtrot. We had a great time and he was very encouraging. We purchased 6 private classes in addition to the 4 private classes and one month unlimited we got through Groupon. We look forward to attending some group classes to learn more.

— Jennifer c.


I have been to Dance Starz muliple times. I am currently taking a Salsa class and I LOVE IT!!!  My instructor not only makes the often confusing steps simple and easy to understand but she is very easy on the eyes too:). There is actually a group of us going and we love it because it is fun and quite the work out. I even broke a sweat last time I was there. The facility is very clean and all the instructors and customers I have had the pleasure of meeting have been engaging and friendly. I would recommend this dance studio to anyone who is looking for a fun enviroment to either try something new or take skills you already have to a whole new height!!! 


— jason p.

I've been a dancer all of my life, and this was the first studio I chose here in Phoenix. My review, along with Ivonne W.'s, is overdue as well. I go almost EVERYDAY. 

The best thing about this studio is the employees! They're extremely dedicated to what they do and work SUPER hard. Very nice, fun people that I just love being around. They're extremely friendly and inviting, and make it feel less like a business, and more like a nice, exciting hangout. I suggest trying EVERYTHING.

AZ Dance Starz is a wonderful environment. The best place to go when you're feeling down - lots of friendly people (employees and customers alike!), lots of music, and LOTS of dancing - and coffee for when you run out of energy!

— brie b.

This is what I look forward to after a hard day of work. So much fun to dance your cares away and just enjoy the emotion of motion. Thanks Billy for a fantastic dance experience. See you soon!!

— Becky w.

Needs to choreograph my wedding dance.  Billy had great ideas on how to make our dance special.  He tailored everything around our skills and interests.  When we struggled, he was patient and broke things down to make sure we got everything right.  We are really excited to show friends and family our dance at the wedding