Say I Do to Dance!


Private wedding dance lessons starting at $75/hour.

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Timeless & True

'The Adventure Begins' with your first dance!


SOmething Borrowed

$375/ 4 Lessons — Dance Starz proudly provides all wedding couples with a basic introduction of Lead & Follow, this introduces the couple into the basic steps of a wedding routine while building confidence for both individuals. This package is designed with #Survival in mind, we cater this routine for those couples with less time, keeping it simple & timeless!

I do

$455/ 7 Lessons — Our "I Do" package begins the same instruction as our "Something Borrowed" building from the basic Lead & Follow starter steps, delivering a full routine for the two individual's on their wedding day.

The adventure begins

$600/ 10 Lessons — Designed with you in mind! The #ADVENTUREBEGINS is dance routine to call your own. Classic, and timeless, this routine wont be seen on any other dance floor. The couple works along side a selected instructor, where they will learn how to dance, developing basic skills and learning a personal routine special to their day. We believe in the power of dance, and that every couple has a special story to tell, so say I do to dance and get your special routine today!

FOrever and a day

$825/ 15 Lessons  — Like the title of this package, this is a dance you will remember #FOREVERANDADAY. Unlike any other set, this will be memory to cherish and one not to be forgotten. Dazzle your guest with a customized routine, or give them a show with extreme shock value. Sometimes, a slow dance is just not enough to tell your story, with our #FAAD package; our instructor will work with you to deliver a one of a kind routine that will bring the house down.

At LAst 

$270/ 5 Lessons

Father/Daughter — Daddy's little girl, be it his eldest or last deserves to send his daughter away in style. Give your dad the confidence with a customized routine. Cherish the opportunity to #DANCEWITHYOURFATHER one last time.

Mother/Son  — Little girls may grow up dancing on daddies shoes, but a mommas boy has her heart forever and a day. Honor your mother with a dance to say thank you and I love you, all bundled in one.

the bridal party 

$129/ 90 Minutes — Sometimes, a girl just needs a man to show her how to move. No girl want's to admit when they struggle to shake their tale feather, and this bootcamp class is design to give the bridal party girls #CONFIDENCE. By the end of this refresh, all the brides ladies will be a #BOSS, and be able to assist any nervous man when it's time to slow dance.

$169/ 90 Minutes — This is a #GIRLSNIGHTOUT! Call it a pre-bridal party fix; let your hair down, enjoy a glass of champagne, and enjoy a customized girls only class before your bride-to-be becomes a taken women for eternity.

the groom & his men

$129/ 90 Minutes — For the guys who are feeling the stress, this easy breakdown of dance last for 90 minutes, and gives the groom, the best man, and his best friends confidence that will last a life time! No worries for the bride and her girls, by the end of their lesson these guys will be like Kevin Bacon in Footloose ready to groove on the wedding dance floor.