Frequently Asked Questions


Here are some of the most asked questions & our answers!

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Is it hard to dance? 

Dancing is definitely not a difficult thing to do, when you have some of the greatest, well-trained instructors teaching you. We create the best environment, in order to make you the most comfortable when dancing.

Will it take a long time to learn? 

There is no set time to learn these dances. It depends on how often you commit to coming into the studio, how much time you spend practicing, and it also depends on what your goals are.

How affordable are lessons?

We customize your lesson plans based on your goals, which then creates a custom pricing package for your needs. We deliver a quality service that is affordable for any lifestyle.

Can you help me and my fiance learn a dance for our wedding?

Yes, several of our instructors assist our students with special choreography, especially for wedding dances.

Can I choose which dances I want to learn?

There are so many dances that we can teach you, at our studio. We recommend you learn the basics to all of the core dances or even all of the social dances, and then choose your favorites from there.

Is dancing rough on my body?

There are several health benefits to dancing. Not only does it improve overall health, it also increases self-confidence, keeps your body moving, relieves stress, and helps the body relax through movement.

What if I want to compete?

Our studio takes part in several competitions throughout the year. Typically, it becomes a “family activity” and adventure. We can help you choose the best competition for you, as well as outline a plan to conquer.

How often do I need to come in to dance?

There is no set amount of time that we require you to come in and dance. We do recommend at least 2-3 visits per week, in order to help you stay on track. Visits can increase depending on your plan.

Do you only have private lessons?

Our studio offers private lessons, as well as group classes. There are daily group classes, so be sure to check this month’s calendar for times and dance styles.

What do I need to be prepare for my classes?

There isn’t much required for classes. All you need are some clothes that you would workout in or dance-specific clothing. The shoes differ on what dances you are working on. See your instructor for details. It will also benefit you to come-in 15-20 minutes before your lesson to stretch.

What are the differences between classes and lessons?

Lessons are private lessons that take place with one or more instructor. Classes are group classes with vary amounts of students, different instructors, and cover various styles.

Do I need a partner?

You do not need a partner to dance at our studio. You can partner with your instructor, for private lessons, or we can pair you up during the group classes.